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Silikon 1000

Some people feel like time takes over them in looks as they get older. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence which can be devastating. For those who are looking for a little extra filling of the lips and cheeks especially, a great option is using the injectable Silikon 1000. If it is done correctly by great cosmetic surgeons such as Dr Kaplin and Dr Yee, it can be long lasting and practically risk free. The results are permanent, although you may want to touch it up every now and again to keep you looking young and youthful. It is FDA approved and a less painful alternative to full on surgery.

How it works…

The trick to an effective Silikon 1000 treatment is the gradual injecting of micro droplets across the desired area, so creating a smooth overall texture and no lmps and bumps. Generally treatments are spaced over a set amount of time to get the best results. You should make sure that you get your treatment done by the best cosmetic surgeons, such as Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee, as the job is permanent so you can ensure that the job is done properly and done well.

Over time, your body forms collagen around the micro droplets of Silikon 1000, and this will keep your youthful look maintained for years to come.

The Procedure…

In the quick procedure of about 15 minutes, the cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee with evenly inject micro droplets into the area to be filled. There is usually no anaesthetic needed as the procedure is pretty much pain free, and you can usually walk out of the room and straight back into normal, everyday life (although it is a good idea to try to avoid the sun for a short while).

The treatment is a permanent treatment, so you won’t need any topping up or re-doing after a few months. As it is a permanent filling option, it is irreversible, and the secret to ensuring that the work is done properly is by getting a perfect injector – such as Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee.

Who Shouldn’t Receive Silikon 1000 Injections?

As with all injectables, their effect on unborn or newly born babies is unknown, so it is recommended that women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breast feeding avoid Silikon 1000 injections.

It is also not recommended for people with autoimmune diseases or who are immune compromised, or receiving other, specific treatments. This is why it is important to discuss your medical details and history with the surgeon in the initial consultation.

Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee have years of experience in the Silikon 1000 injectable dermal filler procedure. This coupled with their desire to offer a great service to their clients, close attention to details, and to see excellent results means that Kaplan and Yee are the best people to be administering your Silikon 1000 procedure, providing a top quality cosmetic surgery service in Florida.