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Short for proliferation, prolotheraphy – or simply prolo – was originally used to repair weak, stretched or torn ligaments, muscles, and tendons which cause instability and pain in the back. While this is still a significant part of prolotherapy, it’s not the whole picture in today’s definition of the term. Proliferative treatment involves the injection of an irritant which causes the body to lay in new collagen, which causes tightening within the hypermobile, painful joint.


The newfound tightness in an otherwise over-mobile joint in turn alleviates the pain and dysfunction experienced by the patient. This is in direct opposition to steroids, which actually weaken ligaments. Research shows that the use of steroids helps to reduce inflammation, which provides only temporary relief. However, steroids actually make the problem worse in the long run and should be avoided.

How Prolotherapy Works

While steroids and other treatments work to only provide temporary relief of symptoms, prolotherapy works to treat the issue at the root. Prolotherapy aims to stimulate the body’s natural abilities to heal itself as opposed to applying a foreign substance that simply acts as a “bandaid” to pain relief. Prolotherapy encourages natural growth of the body’s tendon fibers and ligaments, working to restore damaged tissue from the inside out.

Healing Powers of Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma, also referred to as PRP, has been shown to have remarkable healing and regenerative powers, in addition to providing patients with a safe and natural treatment for their joint pain. A newer form of prolo pain relief treatment involves the injection of PRP (platelet rich plasma), which is derived from a simple blood draw like a lab test. Many patients have returned to work and sports much more quickly after PRP injections. Additionally, many surgeries, particularly knee surgery, have been able to be avoided by this prolo treatment.

Neural Prolo for Nerve Pain

Neural prolo is a new theory of treatment based on prolo. Neural prolo is also called nervi nervorum, which is Latin for “nerve of the nerve.” This procedure helps to relieve nerve pain at the root of the problem and help to restore mobility in the area. Neural prolo involves an intravenous injection. This injection is coupled with a topical massage using Prologel. The injection in combination with the topical massage help the patient to feel relief and a newfound mobility.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Some patients may wish to add stem cell therapy to their PRP procedure for even better results. Stem cells that are derived from fat have been shown to have remarkable healing powers. Dr. Kaplan performs stem cell therapy by removing a small amount of fat using the liposuction procedure. This frees up the trapped stem cells, and allows them to be injected into injured, damaged, or inflamed ligaments and joints. The stem cells then help to regenerate the damaged tissue so that patients are more likely to experience full healing of their pain issues. Read more…