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Mini Face-Lift / Neck Lift

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Today’s baby boomers have an expanded array of pharmaceutical skin care products that, when used long term at the proper stages, can aid in keeping your skin looking younger for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, these products cannot undo the test of time. The combination of life’s stresses, sun exposure, and gravity still take their toll on our aging faces. Eventually everyone will experience to some degree minimal skin looseness, and a mini face-lift and/or neck-lift may be the simple solution to help patients look younger and feel more confident in their appearance.

Customized Procedure

All facial surgery must be carefully individualized to match each patient’s aesthetic desires. Upon his initial consultation, Dr. Barry J. Kaplan and his associate, Dr. Kin Yee, carefully examine and assess the aesthetic area or “unit” of each patient’s face and how it contributes to their overall appearance. They also consider the combination of the patient’s age, gender, skin type, and bone structure. Then they customize an individual plan based on this assessment with the goal of making the patient look many years younger.

Ease of Recovery and Less Down Time

A mini face-lift can also be referred to as an s-lift or limited-incision face-lift. It differs from a more traditional and extensive face-lift in that it requires less incisions. Additionally, patients will not require general anesthesia for the procedure. Instead, they will receive a local anesthesia. Tumescent anesthesia is a delivery technique that allows for sufficient amounts of anesthesia without the risks that may be associated with high levels of the anesthetic.

As a result, a mini face-lift allows patients to have a quicker recovery time, and can continue with their busy lives soon after the procedure takes place. Our staff is well-trained and prepared to guide you through your surgical mini-face lift and minimize your down time. We place the highest regard on patient safety, as well as ensuring that patients have received the best results possible under our care.

Your Neck Might Show Your Age

Dr. Kaplan has often performed a mini-face lift only to have that patient feel so good about their younger look that that they call soon after for another consultation focused on the signs of aging with their neckline. Although a neck-lift can be performed separately from a mini face-lift, depending on the patient’s condition and desired results, it is often best to combine the two procedures.

When done along with the mini face-lift, patients can achieve amazing results that will give you an overall more youthful appearance and a more natural end result. Furthermore, by combining the two procedures into one appointment, the patient will experience less total downtime than if he or she returned for a neck-lift procedure after a mini face-lift procedure is performed.

Neck Lift Procedure

Dr. Kaplan specializes in liposuction to remove excess fat around the neck and sagging skin. Depending on the current state of the patient’s neck and his or her desired results, neck-lifts may also involve removal of excess skin along the neckline, as well as altering or removing certain neck muscles, also known as “bands.” Botox injections may be used to address any issues with contouring and enhance the appearance of a full, healthy, and youthful neckline.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Kaplan?

As with most surgical procedures, quality results require the expertise of a skilled and experienced surgeon. Dr. Kaplan has received special training and has developed his own techniques in performing the mini face-lift and neck-lift. Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Kin Yee work together to provide a safe surgical experience with excellent results. Feel free to call our office to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Kaplan will be happy to sit with you and give you an evaluation and plan the appropriate procedure or procedures to make you and your face and neck look the best they can possibly look! Read More!

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