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Sculpting, at its best, is a high art form. The best sculptors have an innate natural talent. Surgical methods and procedures are a learned craft. All surgeons are taught specialized techniques relating to their area of expertise to one extent or another. What makes one stand out from the rest is based solely on the final results achieved.

Blending the art of sculpting with a fine-tuned surgical technique, Dr. Barry Kaplan has specialized in the medical art of “Liposculpture.” He has performed his trademark procedure on over 4800 men and women over the past 16 years.

It is a great alternative to traditional liposuction for men and women who find that, regardless of how much exercising and/or dieting they attempt, they still can’t achieve their desired look. Liposculpture presents a more subtle and artistic approach to the rather indiscriminate procedure of liposuction.

The Difference Between Liposculpture and Liposuction

Liposculpture can help in those stubborn areas that are so resistant to weight-loss and toning. It is a minimally invasive procedure which uses suction to sculpt, shape, smooth, and tighten the body by permanently removing unwanted fat in the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, back, neck and breast to achieve the contoured shape you desire.

Unlike liposuction performed under general anesthesia, local anesthesia permits “orthostatic”, or standing liposculpture, to further achieve the best contours unattainable with the sleeping patient. In addition, local anesthesia is much safer and the patient can remain awake throughout the procedure.

The Kaplan Difference

Dr. Kaplan specializes in crafting the body rather than simply removing fat. He painstakingly observes and marks the unique curves and contours of each patient’s body in order to “sculpt” the best shape for each body type. He performs the procedure while the patient is standing in order to create the optimal form. At Kaplan and Yee, every client is a canvas.

Safer Fat Removal with More Pleasing Results

With liposculpture, knowing how much fat to remove, and more importantly, how much to leave in, is critical to a successful outcome. Dr. Barry Kaplan’s liposculpture procedure is safer and less traumatic than traditional liposuction procedures. Dr. Kaplan has refined the best instruments to provide superior results with markedly reduced operating times.

While there are many variations in liposculpture equipment, many have proven to be more traumatic and while still producing inferior results. Traditional powered equipment, ultrasonic cannulas, water jet and laser liposuction equipment have not proven to be safer or have better surgical outcomes than the instrumentation co-designed by Dr. Kaplan.

Is Liposculpture Right for Me?

Many people who are dissatisfied with the amount of fat on their body seek out liposuction procedures which can be costly and dangerous. Liposculpture at Kaplan and Yee is typically lower risk, less traumatic, and more effective than traditional liposuction. Liposculpture is an effective cosmetic procedure for both men and women.

Liposculpture can be effectively used to:

  • Reduce fat in hard-to-target areas
  • Make the body appear more symmetrical
  • Provide a more desired shape to the body
  • Allow greater visibility of muscle in areas such as the abdomen
  • Add fat to certain areas to improve the contours of the body

Every patient’s body is different and each presents its own challenges and peculiarities. Training, competence, experience, safety, and satisfying outcomes are all factors that should be considered when making your decision to proceed with any liposculpture procedure. To find out what is possible in your particular situation, schedule your free personal consultation with Dr. Barry Kaplan’s office today.

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