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Liposculpture Orlando Florida

The art of liposculpture – such as that which is carried out by Dr Kaplan is about re-sculpturing the body. Instead of just removing excess fat, liposculpture involves the smoothing and shaping of the body into the desired form and accentuating certain body features.

Many of us have problem areas where we want to get rid of excess fat, and liposuction and liposculpture can be the ideal solution. The procedure of liposculpture is the perfect way to both remove these problem areas and get your body looking exactly how you have always imagined it.

Who is the ideal Liposculpture Suitor?

Not everybody is suitable for liposculpture. It is, after all surgery, so it is important that you have the health and strength to be able to recover well from the procedure.

Before Dr Kaplan gets to work on your procedure, you will first have a preliminary consultation to discuss what work it is that you want to be done, and to check that you are in good enough shape to respond and recover well from the procedure.

The best cosmetic surgeons such as Dr Kaplan look for a number of things in their liposculpture patients:

  • That the patient has pockets of fat which they haven’t been able to get rid of through diet or exercise.
  • The patient should be in excellent health.
  • The patient should be within 25lbs of their ideal weight.
  • The patient should be over 18 years old.
  • The patient shouldn’t be pregnant or nursing

Whilst it is generally not advised, liposculpture can be an option for some teenagers if the doctor feels that they need it enough and are able to handle the physical and psychological impact that the procedure can have.

After the Procedure

It is important to remember that your body will be traumatised after a liposculpture procedure. You might have a great deal of swelling, bruising and numbness, but this should go relatively quickly and you should be able to move or walk normally within a week of the procedure.

It might take a few months for you to really see the final result of your liposculpturing, but in the mean time you should be looking to take care of the healing. Make sure that you keep the area clean and after a few days most doctors recommend that you start light exercise. It is important, however that you book follow up appointments and follow the specific advice of your doctor.

It is also important to remember that liposculpture is only the beginning. Now that Dr Kaplan has sculpted for you a new, perfect body, the hard work really starts. You now need to make sure that you eat well, exercise regularly and generally look after yourself to ensure that your perfect body stays perfect.

Dr Kaplan has performed his specialist art form on over 4800 people over the last 16 years. He has specialised his own techniques using the wealth of experience that he has along with the latest advances in technology to get the best results for his patients. If you are interested in liposculpture, why not give Dr Kaplan’s office a call today?

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