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How to Find the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

For obvious reasons,  it’s important to find a cosmetic surgeon that you can fully trust and who has a track record of success. This is why you’ll want to vet your cosmetic surgeon as meticulously and thoroughly as possible.

Doing so will prevent you from wasting time and money redoing your surgery. Most importantly, it’ll save you from a deep heartache. After all, you’re doing this to feel better about yourself. That starts with finding a right surgeon.

What To Do and Not To Do

Don’t fall for a fancy ad or website. Of course those things are important, but they don’t replace live interviews. Plus, some billboard ads are just plain tacky, like the infamous “Friends Don’t Let Friends Muffin Top” billboard from Ann Arbor that got so much hate.

cosmetic surgeon

Do look at more than one doctor. Second and third opinions are reasonable. More than that can introduce analysis paralysis and will confuse you. This phenomenon is called a paradox of choice.

Do ask about certification. Doesn’t it scare you that your ob-gyn (or any licensed physician for that matter) can technically perform cosmetic procedures on you? Even if he/she were trained, wouldn’t you feel at least a bit uncomfortable?

Doctors specialize for a reason and cosmetic surgery is no exception. Ideally, you’d ask for a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

Questions to Ask

You probably have a vague idea of what type of procedure you want, whether it is eyelid lift (a misnomer, but a common name for blepharoplasty), laser resurfacing, body contouring, or others.

A job of your cosmetic surgeon is to answer any questions you might have. The questions should include how often he/she performs the type of surgery you’re looking for, what technologies are used, and how long he/she has been performing your exact surgery.

Everyone has a different sense of what looks beautiful. Not every cosmetic surgeon is going to share your sense of aesthetics. Your major consideration would be to look at before and after photos from different cosmetic surgery offices, then find the one that speaks to your aesthetic sense.

Vetting and Connecting

No matter how credentialed your potential surgeon looks, how beautiful the “after” photos appear, and how highly recommended he/she is by your friends, it’s all moot point if you can’t connect with your surgeon on an emotional level. You’re smart enough to know who’s being fake and who really considers your satisfaction and overall well-being.

Ask yourself if you’re truly comfortable with disclosing all of your medical history and trust your surgeon. You can usually gauge this by asking your surgeon a lot of questions. If there’s any hint of annoyance or belittling, time to move on.

The connection doesn’t stop with just a surgeon. It extends to the entire cosmetic surgery office. Consider how well you interact with the staff. Are they helpful and friendly? Do they respond promptly when you contact them?

The last matter is the financial bit. Are there any surprise or hidden fees? Are all fees and payment methods discussed up front?

While some things are obvious (like how the receptionist treats you), other things take a bit of time to figure out. Do your due diligence when finding a cosmetic surgeon to increase your chance of a successful procedure.

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