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Fat Transfer

As we get older, we begin to lose that vibrant youthful zing that made our skin glow like a child getting a glimpse of ice cream. But your skin can easily give away your age. If you are thinking about a natural and subtle face enhancement, a fat transfer is an excellent option.

The procedure involves taking an amount of fat from the patient using liposuction and then injecting this same fat into the areas which are requiring filling, plumping the tissues. The treatment is relatively safe, and any fat that isn’t used can be frozen and stored for use in the future.

How it works…

Due to the fact that you are using a natural substance which already comes from your body, the effects of an injected fat transfer can last a lot longer than other dermal fillers – up to about ten years.

One of the best things about using your own fat is that there is no chance of the body rejecting it, or causing other reactions such as allergic reactions. It is longer lasting than other substances and generally safer. Fat transfer is suitable for use in reducing wrinkles and crow’s feet as well ‘plumping out’ sunken areas on the face, and helping reduce the scars from acne.

The Procedure…

Using liposuction the great cosmetic surgeon such as Dr Keplan and Dr Yee will remove an amount of fat from somewhere where the fat s tightly packed – usually the abdomen or buttocks. The moisture is then removed from the fat and it is re-injected into the desired area to reduce lines and plump it out.

Once the procedure has been finished you are free to leave and get on with your everyday life. There may be a little bruising and your cosmetic surgeon might over fill at first, meaning that you face may swell a little, but this will go down after about a week.

Due to the stem cells which are contained within the fat, the fat transfer can improve the skin texture.

Who Shouldn’t Receive Fat Transfer Injections?

If you are in good health and have no existing diseases, you are suitable for fat transfers. If you have recently had a baby you are still allowed to have the treatment, and it can be especially good for those women who have experienced sunken cheeks after giving birth.

You should explain your medical history as well as your current medical state at the initial consultation so that the doctor is able to ascertain what really the best treatment for you is.

Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee have years of experience in the fat transfer procedure – in both the liposuction and the re-injection. This coupled with their desire to offer a great service to their clients, close attention to detail, and to see excellent results means that Kaplan and Yee are the best people to be administering your fat transfer procedure, providing a top quality cosmetic surgery service in Florida.