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Body Contouring FAQs


Improve Shape After Major Weight Loss

Kaplan Cosmetic Surgery offers a variety of body contouring procedures for men and women to help achieve or the restore the body following weight reduction surgery, dieting programs or pregnancy.

BELT LIPECTOMY – This is a combination of liposuction, tummy tuck, buttock and thigh lift with removal of large amounts of skin

THIGH OR ARM LIFT – This is usually liposuction with surgical removal of excess fat and skin

BREAST REDUCTION – This is liposuction and/or surgical removal of excess fat and breast tissue and skin to rejuvenate and improve breast size and contour

All the body contouring procedures are performed with mild sedation and local anesthesia. This is important, especially using liposuction as the final step- called orthostatic liposculpture, as the patient is standing in order to truly evaluate the completeness and effectiveness of the procedure which cannot be done with the patient lying down as in sleep anesthesia.


Why get a body lift? For large weight loss, the stretched skin contains broken down collagen and elastin fibers that will not usually contract or repair to restore normal contours. A body lift, or segment lifts as above, help to restore the firmer contours to make a sleeker, more youthful appearance and, in many cases, eliminate problems with moisture retention and yeast infections.

Who is a candidate for body contouring surgery? A post-bariatric surgery patient should be in good health and weight stabilized for at least six months. Anyone with excess skin that causes moisture problems, clothes fitting problems or is self-conscious of their appearance may want to consider this surgery. As with most liposuction or contouring surgeries, the closer to ideal weight the patient can attain, the greater the satisfaction and the weight loss may even be post-contouring surgery in some cases.

The body contouring procedure: usually the procedure begins with the abdomen- liposculpture, removal of excess skin and fat, tightening of the abdominal wall or repair of hernias, moving the belly button back to normal position; then the procedure continues to lift the thighs and buttocks. Some need all, some less, but every patient has the surgery tailored to their specific needs. The procedure can take from 1 and 1/2 to 7 hours and is performed with mild sedation and local anesthesia for the highest level of safety, efficacy and rapid recovery. Breast reduction, arm and some thigh lifting are staged for later surgery to allow the body the best chance to heal and to do the surgeries safely.

Recovery Fifteen to thirty minutes after the procedure, the patient can walk out of the office with little discomfort. Most patients may return to work in 10-30 days depending on the amount of surgery. Walking is encouraged after surgery and maintaining fluid intake and good nutrition are very important as well. Heavier exercise and submersion must be avoided for at least four weeks, but most may shower after 48 hours.

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