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Exfoliating Peels

Exfoliation in the removal of the dead skin cells which are on the skin’s surface and it is a great way of making your skin more healthy and looking and feeling great. Even in you have an excellent skin routine, cleanse, moisturize and use face masks, if you don’t exfoliate, you are treating the wrong skin – the dead skin.


This is why it is important to exfoliate regularly – so you can get to the new and healthy skin to treat, as opposed to the old dead skin which can cause the top layer. By deeply moisturizing the new skin, you will have a much more effective result and your skin will be healthy and glowing.

There are two different forms of exfoliation:

  • Abrasive – Using an abrasive substance to physically rub away the dry skin cells. Most people use this at home as part of their skincare routine. It requires a gentle touch to not damage the skin, and you should choose an exfoliating scrub that uses smooth, round granules, no rough, jagged ones.
  • Chemical – The exfoliation is performed by the application of chemicals to the skin through a peel. The substance is applied to the skin, forming effectively another layer. When it is peeled off, it takes the dead cells with it. This is the type of exfoliation that is offered by Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Yee.

Other Reasons why Exfoliating is important

As we get older, the aging process means that we don’t make new skin cells so quickly. We also don’t shed them so quickly and this can lead to a build-up of old skin cells on the skin’s surface. This buildup can result in excess oil which can block pores and this can cause acne. It also means that the skin looks dull and dry and feels rough.

Exfoliation Routine

It is recommended that you exfoliate about once a week. If you exfoliate more than this – or too rigorously, there is a chance that you will scrub away the new skin cells. This can lead to damage of the skin and redness and soreness.

The trick is to exfoliate before there is a serious build-up of dead cells, but not too often as to damage the new, healthy ones.

Exfoliation at Kaplan & Yee

Our exfoliation treatments use chemicals to perform the exfoliation, and our range goes from a very gentle exfoliation to a strong acid peel – which, in fact is used on other parts of the body, and not the face. Depending on the treatment that you are after and your personal skin type and state, different chemicals will be used. We can help to reduce signs of aging, pigmentation disorders, sun damaged skin, reduce acne, cleanse pore with our peel exfoliation treatments.

Our ALA Acid Peel with LED treatment gives you the extra benefit of treatment with the blue LED light which is also used to combat acne.

Exfoliation should be regularly carried out as part of anyone’s skin care routine – especially as we get older. It is easy to carry out at home, but a great idea every now and then to get a thorough chemical peel and combine it with other treatments to ensure that your skin is beautifully glowing and wonderfully healthy all of the time.

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