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Cosmetic Surgery: Your Decision Only

Cosmetic surgery is not new. History is rife with examples of those who weren’t quite satisfied with the way they looked and wanted more for themselves. People would paint their faces with titanium paint, from which the expression “blue blood” derived. They wanted to be so pale that the blue veins on their face would show.

But even then, people weren’t able to change their appearances. They could only rely on makeup and skin care to improve or cover up the parts they were dissatisfied with. That all changed in the 20th century, with cosmetic surgery.


Now, you can change pretty much any part of your physical self, within reason. In the past century, life expectancy was only about 65 to 70 years, so you wouldn’t have had to cope with your aging appearance too long. But with life expectancy pushing over 80 these days, it’s perfectly reasonable to reclaim a little bit of your youthful look.

That’s what cosmetic surgery helps you do, among others.

Cosmetic vs. Plastic Surgery

The term cosmetic surgery is often used interchangeably with plastic surgery. Strictly speaking, there is a difference. American Board of Cosmetic Surgery defines cosmetic surgery as a subset of plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing one’s appearance, through breast enhancement, body contouring, facelift, laser resurfacing, etc. Plastic surgery is more about repairing defects and performing reconstruction for normal appearance and function, like cleft palate repair, scar revision, burn repair, etc.

Why You Might Consider Cosmetic Surgery

Technically, no one needs cosmetic surgery. It’s considered personal or elective surgery so even your insurance won’t cover it in most cases. But if a small tweak in your face, skin, or body can improve your overall self-confidence, and the decision is entirely yours, cosmetic surgery is worthy of consideration.

Cosmetic surgery might not even be about improving your appearance, but rather, going back to how you looked before. Many women struggle with their post-pregnancy body and you might be one of them. In this case, you’re simply looking to go back to the way you were, through a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, or other “mommy makeover” procedures.

There’re many other reasons to consider cosmetic surgery. You might want to reverse some signs of aging and wrinkles, get rid of your acne scars, or correct your sun-damaged skin.

Important Considerations

Whatever your reason for cosmetic surgery is, one thing is crucial – you must do it for you, and only you. No matter how advanced cosmetic surgery has become, it still carries risks and complications.

Cosmetic surgery won’t earn you approval from others or save your dying marriage. Even if that happens, that would be a byproduct and shouldn’t be your primary reason.

If you dislike your entire self, not just one or two parts, you likely have an underlying psychological disorder you should be treated for. Any ethical cosmetic surgeon will pick up on that and actively discourage you from undergoing surgery.

So as a general rule, get cosmetic surgery on one or two parts because you want to, not because someone else tells you to.

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