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Breast Augmentation Aftercare

Breast Augmentation Aftercare

When we talk about a breast augmentation, it can often be seen as a minor treatment, something that we get over quickly. In actual fact, these surgeries can be intrusive and need a much longer recovery time than most people actual think. The fact that the surgery is one to the breast area means that there are wounds which will be affected by most movement in the body – meaning that at first moving, then lifting and more strenuous exercise can be at best uncomfortable and painful and at worst damaging and inhibiting to the healing process.

Breast Aftercare

Every person who has some sort of breast surgery is different, and your cosmetic surgeon – such as Dr Kaplan or Dr Yee will give you specific advice on the best aftercare for you. There are, however, some general guidelines that you should bear in mind, if, for example you are considering having a breast enlargement. These will make the whole process both easier, less painful and ensure that you heal quickly and effectively.

After the Procedure

You should be able to return home a few hours after the surgery, and you will probably be given a surgical bra or dressing. You will probably see some swelling (possibly for up to a month afterwards) and some bruising and numbness. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to prescribe painkillers for you if you feel that you need them. You will probably feel tightness around the chest at first and you might feel that you have a little difficulty breathing.


It can make things a lot easier for you if you are suitably prepared for after your surgery. Some things that you can do to prepare include:

  • Take at least one week off work – more if you have a physical job
  • Stock up on food and other necessities so that you can stay home
  • Ask a friend or partner to be around to be able to help you with physical tasks
  • Stop smoking as this can affect your healing after the surgery


Once you are going home, you will have been made aware of what kind of care you need to give yourself. Some other hints include:

  • Eat a well-balanced and healthy diet
  • Stay smoking-free
  • Rest fully to allow your body to adjust to the shock of surgery and its physical effects
  • Try to avoid using your chest and arms as much as possible – at least in the beginning
  • Try lying in a semi-upright position after the surgery to reduce swelling
  • Avoid exercise and heavy lifting for a month after the surgery – both because it can open the wounds, but also because sweating also poses an infection threat
  • Protect the incision areas from sun for a year after the surgery
  • Try not to lie on your front for at least a month

Although it may seem like a lot of aftercare, this is because a breast augmentation is a real piece of surgery. And this is why it must be taken seriously. Having said that, the majority of people who have breast augmentation surgery do say that it was worth it, and go on to enjoy the rest of their lives, delighted with their larger breasts.

If you want more information about breast augmentation or other cosmetic surgery, get in touch with Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee’s office today!   

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