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Breast Augmentation After 40

Breast augmentation isn’t something that’s reserved just for young women in their 20s and 30s. Plenty of women over 40 years old are opting for this procedure for various reasons.

But they do face different risks due to their age. It’s important if you’re a woman over 40 to assess these risks and work with a doctor who would communicate them to you.

Why Women Over 40 Want Breast Augmentation

40 is a special age for both men and women, but more so for women. It’s a strange limbo between being young versus being old. Some women may actually go into menopause in their 40s. By getting breast augmentation, it might feel like turning back the clock.

Studies are noting that women are getting married later (if at all) and waiting to have their children later. By the time they have children, they might be approaching or over 40. Since breasts tend to change after giving birth, these women simply might want them the way they looked before – that is, normal.

Breasts also change naturally. Women in their 40s or later might want breast augmentation because aging causes breasts to lose volume and tissue to sag. This makes women look older than they feel, and also less attractive.

Concerns About Breast Augmentation After 40

If women are yet to conceive, then they might be concerned with breastfeeding. The general consensus is that breastfeeding is safe even after getting the implants. But there are always a small number of women who can’t breastfeed after surgery, so that’s a risk to consider. This obviously isn’t a concern for childfree women.

Women are also concerned with mammograms after getting breast implants. In short, it’s safe to get mammograms after breast augmentation. You should let your mammography technician know that you’ve had the procedure done. There are special techniques a technician can use when taking mammography, so the implants don’t get in the way of the radiologist detecting any problems.

Implants don’t last forever. That poses a special risk for older women getting breast augmentation. A second surgery (sometimes more) is a given, and as women get older, it might be risky to have undergo a surgery.

In most cases, doctors agree that age is not a concern for breast implants. But as women age, they’re likely to have other health issues like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, coronary artery disease, and lung problems.

As long as these conditions are well-controlled, doctors accept older women as candidates for breast augmentation surgery. Your surgeon may ask you to obtain clearance from your primary care physician though.

In conclusion, women in their 40s and 50s getting breast augmentation is more common and becoming a trend across the country. They’re likely to be well-adjusted and otherwise healthy, but want to turn their postpartum breasts back to the way they were before children.

They may also be facing age-related issues that need to be addressed. Whatever the reason and age, women now have more choices than ever to age beautifully and gracefully.

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