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Botox and More

Possibly the most well-known of all the injectables, Botox stands for botulinum toxin, and is a substance which is injected into (normally) the face. It is mainly used to reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet on the face, but there are also some other medical benefits, and Botox can be used to help with cross-eyes, neck spasms, overactive bladders and for those who suffer severe migraines.

Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee use Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin, Jevederm Ultra Plus, or Belotero to smooth out the ceases and give you a younger, more youthful complexion. They will choose which the best is for you, considering what and how much you need, and your expected outcome. The good thing about an injectable is that it can give you excellent quality results, but without having to suffer surgery, can last for several months and usually needs almost no recovery time.

How it works…

Facial wrinkles are caused by the contracting of the muscles in the face. The injecting of Botox blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles, causing the muscles to temporarily relax and therefore reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some areas which benefit from Botox injectables include:

  • The crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Forehead furrow lines
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows

The Procedure…

The Botox application procedure is quick and doesn’t require an anaesthetic. Most people walk straight back into their normal life, right after the procedure.

When you initially meet your cosmetic surgeon, they will talk you through the process and discuss your medical history and needs. They will need to know about any medication that you are taking, and may ask you to stop smoking or stop taking some types of medication – as well as avoid blood thinning pills such as Aspirin.

The actual process is very simple. You surgeon – such as Dr Kaplan or Dr Yee – will inject tiny amounts of the substance into the areas which are to be worked on. The number of injections required varies according to the area and the amount of work that is needed.

A few people experience a little bruising on the face after the procedure, but this shouldn’t be severe enough to impact on your everyday life. The effects should be noticeable within a few days, and you will be quickly enjoying your new lease of life and younger looking face very quickly.

The treatment usually lasts between three and six months, when, if you desire, you can get new injections to renew the effect.

Who Shouldn’t Receive Botox?

Botox is safe for almost everyone, but pregnant or breast feeling women should avoid it as the risks and effects on babies is still unknown. Also those with a neurological disease should avoid use.

Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee have years of experience in the Botox procedure in Orlando. This coupled with their desire to offer a great service to their clients and to see excellent results means that Kaplan and Yee are the best people to be administering your Botox procedure.