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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Blepharoplasty is also known as an eyelid lift.  This is a procedure to improve the appearance and comfort of drooping eyelids and this is called an “upper bleph”.  After protecting the eye and local anesthetic administered, a laser is used to remove the excess skin.  If there are excess fat pockets, they are removed as well.  The edges are then repaired using glue- so there are no sutures to remove.

A “lower bleph” is a procedure to improve the under eye bags and restore the youthful appearance of the lower eyelid skin.  After protecting the eye and local anesthetic administered, a laser is used to make an incision on the inner side of the eyelid.  This is very important because it avoids the support structure (tarsal plate) which frequently scars from cutting through it as from the external approach.  When the plate scars, the eyelid lowers showing the white of the eye under the iris (color of the eye) and looks terrible.  Once the incision is made, the fat pockets (there are three in the lower lid) can be gently and conservatively removed and the incision heals easily without sutures.  Typically, the laser is used to resurface the skin of the lower lid eliminating wrinkles, sagging skin and improves the dark circle appearance.

Finally, fillers such as Belotero or Juvederm, are then used as needed to further refine the contours and depressions usually known as eye rings or tear troughs.

These procedures must be performed conservatively to avoid a “done” appearance.  The goal is to look rejuvenated and Dr. Kaplan’s experience and expertise with the laser make this a highly successful and satisfying surgery.  Dr. Kaplan has been trained by top surgeons in the field and has modified these procedures with his expertise to achieve the desired goal.  As all procedures at Kaplan Cosmetic Surgery, eyelid surgeries are performed using local anesthesia with a very relaxed patient for the highest level of safety and rapid recovery.

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