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The Benefits of a Facial Massage

The Benefits of a Facial Massage

As we understand more and more about our bodies, the more we are understanding the link between our mental and physical health. They are so intricately entwined, that more and more treatments are involving caring for both the physical symptoms as well as the psychological side. And by being well, psychologically, is a big step towards being physically well.

Facial massage

The Face

The face is the most telling part of the body. You may be saying something with your mouth, but if your face isn’t saying the same thing, people won’t believe you. You can see in your face if you are tired, happy, confused, stressed, excited, you name it, as well as being an integral part of your appearance – what makes people recognise you. So you need to look after it. It is the window to your soul.

There are 300 pressure points in the face, and each point has a connection to an organ in the body. So by massaging these pressure points, you are not only relaxing and stimulating the muscles in your face, you are also creating a general sense of well-being in your whole body.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage has been a technique used for thousands of years across the world to promote well-being. Our face is full of nerves, so the first benefit of a facial massage is that it is pleasurable and relaxing. This means that a facial massage is perfect as a stress-reducer or as a pick-me-up when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Studies show that a facial massage can improve your mood and patience levels – much needed in the stressful world that we live in today!

Massage has always been used as a method to stimulate blood circulation. By applying this technique to the face you can ensure your skin stays healthier, younger looking and you have that healthy glow about you.

A massage in the face can also help to relax the muscles which after time, can form wrinkles and furrows, meaning that a regular facial massage can help to stop wrinkles from forming.

A facial massage is also useful in the detoxification of your body. The massage stimulates the lymphatic vessels which help with the removal of toxins into the bloodstream, where they can be eliminated. If this isn’t done, the lymphatic system becomes slow and will result in a buildup of toxins.

In addition to the physical health benefits of a facial massage, the psychological benefits are obvious. Not only do you get time out of a busy schedule, or stress, deadlines, running around after others and trying to fit everything into one day, but you will also be stimulating the pressure and pleasure points to give you a great feeling.

If you are interested in facial massage, other facial treatments or what Dr Kaplan and Dr Yee can do for you with cosmetic surgery, get in touch with the office today for more information!

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