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Cosmetic Surgery in Orlando FL

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Kaplan performs a large number of breast augmentations in his central Florida cosmetic surgery centers each week, using state of the art techniques. He takes pride in obtaining the most outstanding results possible.

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Kaplan is an expert in abdominoplasty and has performed hundreds of successful tummy tucks. He uses only the latest techniques in obtaining the most firm, flat, and smooth stomach possible.

Facial and Neck Cosmetic Procedures

Face lifts are performed for patients looking to restore their youthful look. Benefits of a face lift include lifting sagging cheeks, eliminating jowls, and removing redundant skin and fat from the neck.

Laser Skin Rejuvination

Dr. Kaplan offers laser resurfacing for treating many minor skin problems, including wrinkles, scars, age spots, sun damage, stretch marks, brown skin discoloration and some types of acne scarring.

Dr. Barry Kaplan, DO РCosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Barry J Kaplan has performed over 12,000 surgeries and is a leading breast augmentation surgeon. His almost 30 years of medical practice experience, coupled with his surgical training makes him a very experienced cosmetic surgeon in the Orlando, Florida area. Dr. Kaplan has created a superior method to give patients a safer, more affordable breast augmentation. This method has gained worldwide acclaim and catapulted Dr. Kaplan to a pioneer in the cosmetic surgery discipline. Have questions? Click on our contact us page or call us at the number above.


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